Storiqa is using blockchain to change the way we shop online

The way we shop has evolved so much since the dawn of the internet. Retail was king until Amazon came in and trampled the market, disrupting industries from grocery to real estate. As the internet grew, so did the number of people shopping online. Today a whopping 80% of Americans shop online and that number continues to grow. From small business owners to manufacturers, everyone is moving to open e-commerce stores in order to increase customers and revenue.

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way we think about currencies and decentralization and with it comes an entire new realm of possibilities for streamlining processes previously thought perfect. Blockchain currently has its sites set on the e-commerce industry as business and consumers alike, look for more effective and transparent ways to buy and sell goods.

Storiqa is using Blockchain to help businesses streamline their processes to adapt to an ever-changing digital economy. They achieve this through the the key concept behind Blockchain, smart contracts, by allowing customers to pay with various cryptocurrencies. These crypto-currencies range from well-known such as, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, to the less well-known like, DogeCoin or MetalCoin.

What makes it different?

Building an e-commerce business from scratch is much easier said than done. It requires significant amounts of effort, money, and time, not to mention a great team. There are countless solutions for building your own e-marketplace online, both free and paid. Free versions are generally more customizable and open but provide little to no support and usually require a basic understanding of computer programming.

There are very few e-commerce marketplace vendors that support smart contracts and blockchain technology to enable cryptocurrency payments. That’s where Storiqa is changing the game. Storiqa’s unique platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to create their own marketplace in as little as ten minutes while also supporting the most advanced technolgies available in the ecommerce market. This all in one solution is available in six languages and has features that include: feedback tools, bookkeeping and sales analysis, and even built in self-promotion and advertising.

What are the benefits?

Easier Payments

Payments through traditional online retailers are outdated with high merchant fees, low transparency, and the chance of getting your personal information stolen. Storiqa has a unique platform that allows for inline payment processing with no middleman and enables the customer to use the currency of their choice. Smart contracts enable incredibly fast and secure transactions.

Data Analysis Tools

Store owners can track customer activity in a simple and user-friendly manner and offers all of the latest tools to analyze, gather, and process customer data.

Marketing Tools

Storiqa integrates with all of the largest advertising partner networks and offers a wide variety of built tools to gauge site performance to fine tune advertisements.